Recommended by doctors, sports trainers, and therapists, mineral spa floatation therapy is gaining popularity as a luxurious escape and an extremely powerful tool for strengthening the immune system and improving health. In the sound-proof and light-proof heated spa filled with 1,000 pounds of healing, soothing Epsom Salts, clients float away mental stress, physical stress, and chronic pain. Floating also has been shown to improve creativity, increase skin tone, and enhance athletic performance.

Some health benefits of floating are:

  • Systemic detoxification: Based upon the therapeutic powers of the mineral-rich Dead Sea, the Epsom Salts used in floatation spa therapy draw toxins to the surface of your skin, giving your body a powerful systemic detoxification. Mineral spa therapy helps to strengthen your immune system, trigger the release of endorphins, and reduce the level of harmful biochemicals in your body.
  • Medical research: A survey of family physicians found that half regularly prescribe some form of alternative therapy or have tried it themselves. The American Medical Association recently suggested that its 300,000 members “become better informed regarding the practices and techniques of alternative or unconventional medicine.” Medical research includes numerous studies on the healthful benefits of floating.
  • Experience weightlessness: Doctors have observed that maintaining the body erect against the force of gravity creates stress on the spine and joints and may be part of the cause of arthritis and other uncomfortable conditions. By allowing the body to float, this stress is temporariliy alleviated, thereby allowing muscles and joints to relax and heal faster. No training, preparation, or skill is required. You cannot sink. Anyone, regardless of body type, will float like a cork, effortlessly on top the the heated Epsom salt-water solution.
  • Relax your mind: By relaxing the analytical side of the mind, floating induces whole-brain thinking where we can become more creative and expressive. In this environment our ability to absorb information and achieve desired goals is greatly enhanced through visualization and positive thoughts.
  • Improve athletic performance: Athletic coordination and performance is improved through greater stamina, speed, and quicker recovery time from intense workouts. Flotation spa therapy is recommended by sports trainers and used as a high-tech training tool by triathletes.
  • Neurochemistry and Endorphins: Neuroscientists have recently discovered that the brain secretes numerous neurochemicals which influence our behavior. Our brains secrete hormones that make us happy, anxious, depressed, shy, sleepy, sexy. Each of us creates different amounts of these endorphins; those who create more experience more pleasure in a given experience than those who create fewer. Tests indicate that floating increases the secretion of endorphins at the same time it reduces the levels of a number of stress-related neurochemicals such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, ACTH, and cortisone. These are substances that can cause tension, anxiety, irritability and are related to ailments such as heart disease, hypertension, and high levels of cholesterol.

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