We have created a simple no hassle membership package for our clients.  This will allow people who truly benefit from floating to continue that practice for an affordable price.

The membership consists of one automatic monthly charge on your credit card for $70.  A 90 minute float is then credited to you account.  As a member, you are able to receive unlimited additional floats that month for only $45!  You can purchase as many additional floats as you want that month and share these floats with one other person.  If you do not use your 90 minute float the month of the charge, it is carried over to the next month.  Floats on your account do not expire while your membership is active.

Enroll Now!


  • No complicated rules or limitations
  • No initiation fee (for now)
  • Each additional float per month is only $45!
  • Floats never expire! (as long as your membership is active)
  • Share your membership with one other person (designated at inception)
  • Half price float the week of your birthday
  • 20% discount on float gift certificates (makes sharing floating easy and affordable)

Example of savings:                                           Monthly Cost         Per float cost

  • Membership plus one additional                                $70 + $45 = $115              $57.50
  • Membership plus two additional                                $70 + $90 = $160             $53.34
  • Membership plus three additional                              $70 + $135 = $205            $51.25

The more you float, the more you save.


The fine, but not threatening, print:

This membership is a month-to-month membership.  There are no time commitments.  We only require a thirty day written notice (email is fine) to cancel your membership.  Due to the automatic charge timing, it is possible you will experience one final charge after your notice before the end of your membership.  If this occurs, speak with us about resolving that situation.  Should you choose to end your membership agreement; the floats on account will expire 90 days after the cancellation date.  By entering into this membership agreement you are allowing SO Float Spa to make one monthly charge in the amount of $70 to your credit card on file each month your membership is active.